2019 Fishing Specials in US Funds

August Specials

Arriving August 18th and departing on august 21st
Deluxe package $1400 per person or All Inclusive Package $2,000 per person

Arriving August 25 AM, Departing August 29 PM
5 Day Deluxe Package: $1,500 per person

August 27th am - August 29th pm
Deluxe package $800 or All Inclusive $1400 per person

August 27th - September 1st
All Inclusive $1,850 per person

August 31st - September 2nd
$1,000 per person (All Inclusive)

September Special

Arriving Sept. 15 AM, Departing Sept.18 AM
3 day Deluxe Package $1,400 per person

Bear/Wolf/Grouse/Fishing combo
September 12th - 15th $2,500 per person

Comfortable cabins surrounded by the great outdoors.

Experience the fishing of a lifetime at Maynard Lake.

World-class moose & black bear hunt adventures.

Maynard is perfect for your next corporate retreat.