Corporate Outings at Maynard Lake Lodge

Whether you’re planning a new product launch, building a high powered executive team, or rewarding your crew for an exceptional year, Maynard Lake Lodge is the right place to book your next corporate retreat.

Our team will work with you to ensure each member of your team is perfectly accommodated, and while relaxing with a fishing rod in your hand in this beautiful private setting, true relationships will be built or strengthened. Which will improve the productivity of business your company is capable of and show your team that you appreciate their efforts.

According to Sheila Campbell, who has been organizing corporate retreats in the United States and Canada for 15 years and is co-author of the book Retreats that Work, it's best to hold a retreat in an informal setting with an outdoor component, rather than in a meeting-style setting at a conference-room table with an agenda. That's because you want your employees to be able to put everyday issues aside and start exploring new options and think creatively. “I'd rather be at a lodge in the woods,� she says. Being in a natural environment allows you connect with employees and customers on a much higher level than is possible in an office setting.

If you are looking for total privacy and the flexibility of a fully customized program just for your group, Maynard Lake Lodge can customize an adventure itinerary just for you. Working with expert facilitators and meeting planners, the lodge can create innovative program that is guaranteed to be a hit with the entire team. All activities are tailored to suit the physical makeup of your group - suitable for all guests from absolute beginners to seasoned adventurers.

Promote creativity, teamwork and decision-making among your staff when you hold your next corporate retreat in the inspirational setting of this luxury remote fishing lodge. The intimate size and convenient yet remote wilderness setting make the lodge an amazing alternative to conventional venues and is ideal for corporate meetings & retreats, planning meetings, and adventure based team-building events.

Comfortable cabins surrounded by the great outdoors.

Experience the fishing of a lifetime at Maynard Lake.

World-class moose & black bear hunt adventures.

Maynard is perfect for your next corporate retreat.