Canadian Wilderness Fishing

From bays and beaches to rapids and falls, Maynard Lake has the structure and current to provide "spring fishing" throughout our season. From mid-May through September, experienced anglers and novices alike will experience incredible fishing, regardless of the time of year.

Largest average size walleye anywhere, with the daily possibility of trophy fish!

Upon arrival, we will show you where to fish, what to use and how to use it. For those who wish, we have professional guides available, trained not only for fishing, but for service as well. At Maynard Lake, we practice 'Catch & Release' fishing. You may eat as much fish as you like during your stay, but take no limits home. This management strategy has made for fantastic fishing and will ensure large, strong fish populations for years to come.

Your day on the lake begins with a hearty breakfast—your boat waiting for you at the dock, cleaned, fueled and ready to go. Our friendly dock staff will be there to provide you with day coolers, ice, beverages, fishing spots, live bait and to see you off for your day of fishing.

As noon approaches, join Josh and his crew at one of our beautiful shore lunch locations where you can relax while they prepare a gourmet shore lunch for you. Nothing tastes better than walleye, fresh from the lake, coated in Maynard Lake's Special Batter and cooked to perfection, served up with homemade tartar sauce, home baked beans and a variety of fresh salads. And "don't forget the spuds!", cooked over an open fire and seasoned with our secret spice.

It's time to get out the big tackle and try to tame a few "water wolves" in the afternoon sun. Northerns over 40" are very common. At the end of the afternoon, when you return to the dock, our staff will be waiting to clean, fuel and organize your boat while you prepare yourself for an "ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT" gourmet dinner. Afterwards you are welcome to head out for more action, relax in our cozy games room or just sit on your deck to enjoy a beautiful Maynard Lake sunset. After a full day on the lake, a good night's rest comes real easy in our comfortable beds.

Best Multi Species fishing destination in the world!

Bass Lake is a 1000 acre lake that can be fished entirely in one day with perfect structure covering every inch of the lake.

Bass are caught every cast and range in size from 2-4 pounds. This 1000 acre lake can be fished entirely in one day with perfect structure covering every inch of the lake. There are fallen trees, jagged rocks everywere and 3 beautiful weeded sections. Every strike is witnessed even if you choose not to use top water baits due to the clarity of the water - around 20 feet visablity.

This lake is only a short 25 minute hike from the lodge and when you arrive you will know the entire lake is yours for the taking, with only 2 16 foot boats equiped with 15 hp four stroke engines on the lake. As you gaze over this lake you will feel the tranquility of the true north wilderness at it's purest.

Comfortable cabins surrounded by the great outdoors.

Experience the fishing of a lifetime at Maynard Lake.

World-class moose & black bear hunt adventures.

Maynard is perfect for your next corporate retreat.