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Fall is a time of few people and simple pleasures at Maynard Lake. Imagine, flying into an 8,000 acre lake and miles of prime hunting land just waiting to be discovered. Josh and his crew bring more than 25 years of successful hunting experience to ensure that you have the hunt of a lifetime. We know that the right attitude combined with the right decision at the right time will result in success. Our past hunts have proven this.

We have combined Maynard Lake Lodgeís famous quality service with our unbelievable hunting resources and expert knowledge to provide the highest caliber experience for you. During the hunts at Maynard Lake, hunters are the only guests in camp. Your hunting success is very important to us and we will do all we can to ensure that success. You will experience an exciting but relaxing week hunt. We will prepare, transport and arrange mounting of your trophy, as you wish. Our taxidermist is one of the best!

Hunters are welcome to fish or hunt grouse during off hunting hours or if they kill out early, as many do. Whether hunting bear, moose or wolf, it is a tremendous experience that many want to do again and again.

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The Maynard Lake area is renowned for its trophy moose and holds some of the largest records for moose shot in Ontario. At Maynard Lake, we take only two hunters per year. HUNTS are usually 100% SUCCESSFUL!
Our American Plan hunt includes deluxe accommodations and first class, all you can eat, meals. You will be provided with an experienced one on one guide to ensure your success. Imagine the excitement of seeing an enormous bull moose come crashing through the bush towards you during your early morning hunt, or hearing the echoing call as a distant bull returns your guides call during your evening hunt. Whether itís your first hunt or your fiftieth, itís an experience that you will never forget. If you kill early, as many do, or you want to enjoy the beautiful fall afternoons on the lake, we will have boats, motor and minnows available to do some fishing. Afternoon grouse hunting is also an option.

Maynard Lake Trophy Moose Hunt Includes: - Air transportation from Kenora and return
- Deluxe accommodations
- First class, all you can eat meals
- One on One professional guiding
- Transportation to and from hunt sites
- Expert meat care including handling and hanging
- Caping of trophy if desired
- Boat, motor and fuel for afternoon fishing or grouse hunting
- Fishing license

Does not include:
- Moose license (Approximately $400.00 U.S.)
- Small game license (Approximately $60.00 U.S.)
- Export permit (Approximately $25.00 U.S.)
- Taxes
7 Days / 7 Nights : $6500.00 U.S. per hunter


Maynard Lakeís Bear Management Area is a huge tract of land surrounding Maynard Lake Lodge and has been virtually un-hunted for years. This has resulted in a high population of large bears. Maynard Lake also seems to harbor the genetics of the many color variations of the black bear. It is common to see cinnamon or chocolate colored bears or bears with chest patches.

We hold only one fall bear hunt per year starting in early September, with 5 - 6 hunters. Pre-baiting is done at least three weeks prior to the hunt. Hunters have different site options, depending on weather conditions for the day. Whether rifle or bow, the deluxe hunt at Maynard Lake is an exceptional way to bag your trophy

Maynard Lake Deluxe American Plan Bear Hunt Includes:
- Flight in & return from Kenora
- first class, all you can eat meals
- Deluxe accommodations for 6 days / 6 nights
- Pre-baiting and baiting during the hunt
- Transportation to and from hunt sites
- Stands
- Tracking
- Skinning
- Freezer service
- Boat, motor and fuel for fishing or grouse hunting
- Fishing license

Does Not Include:
- Bear license (approximately $150.00 U.S.)
- Small game license (approximately $60.00 U.S.)
- Export permit (approximately $25.00 U.S.)
- Taxes

5 Days / 5 Nights - $3100.00 U.S. per hunter


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